Prices may change – please contact the Club for further enquiries.

All members entering the water must wear stinger suits. Our beach conditions and climate contribute to make the possibility of jellyfish stings a serious consideration. This year competitors must wear a one-piece suit when in the water. High visibility rash vests have been made compulsory wear for all competitors at carnivals and nippers in training.

Our club colours are navy blue and gold. All members over 8 years old wear the club caps. Members under 7 are required to wear the fluorescent green caps. Club stinger suits and togs are available from Eathorne’s Sportspower.

Club Shirts are available for purchase from the club.

Children’s shirts $35.00
Adults shirts $35.00
Club caps (blue & yellow) & green caps $15.00
Club cap reverse with patrol cap $15.00
Bucket hats $10.00
High visibility rash vest $20.00
Long Sleeve Rash Shirt $25.00
Hawaiian Hooded long sleeve shirt $45.00