Membership Categories

Being involved in surf life saving gives members an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in a variety of different areas. We have a range of different membership categories to suite your age, skill level, and length of service.

Junior Activities ‘Nippers’ (5-13 years)

Junior Activities has a minimum age requirement of five years to a maximum age of 13 years (age for a season is calculated as of midnight September 30 each year). Junior Activities has been operating in Queensland since 1965 and has grown to represent 35% of the total state membership. The Junior Activities program has become one of the most successful children’s development and sporting programs in Australia.

The program is focused on participation and fun. Activities include surf safety, surfing, board paddling, board rescue, beach activities, basic resuscitation and first aid. Each age group progresses through a Junior Development Certificate and the program also develops skills in leadership and teamwork. The program is designed to provide an educational experience in a wide range of subjects and skills within the aquatic environment and prepares junior lifesavers for their eventual transition to the patrol environment of the senior movement. The program aims to promote the spirit of camaraderie and citizenship within the community.

Active Cadets (13-15 years)

Cadets are aged between 13 and 15 years calculated on a seasonal basis. Cadet members train to complete the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC), which is the minimum requirement to become a patrolling surf lifesaver. Active Cadets are the first line of being an active patrol member and upon gaining this award, cadets will be placed on a beach patrol roster to perform patrols under supervision. This allows the cadet to receive on-the-job training from experienced patrolling members.

Active Juniors (15 – 17 years)

Active Juniors are those members between the age of 15 and 17 years who hold a Bronze Medallion Award. Active Juniors are involved in all areas of lifesaving and are also required to perform beach patrol duties in accordance with their membership and qualifications. Members in this category are also able to gain further lifesaving awards to increase their knowledge and skills including Advanced Resuscitation, Inflatable Rescue Boat Drivers and Crewman’s Certificate, Silver Medallion Life Support, Senior First Aid and a Training Officers Certificate.

Active Seniors (18+)

Active Seniors are those members over the age of 18 who hold a minimum requirement of the Bronze Medallion. Active members are also strongly encouraged to gain additional lifesaving awards to improve their lifesaving skills and knowledge such as Inflatable Rescue Boat Drivers, Patrol Captains Award, and other specialist awards.

Award Member

Award Members are members who are proficient holders of one or more of the following awards: Radio Operators, Resuscitation Certificate, Advanced Resuscitation Certificate, First Aid or a Surf Rescue Certificate. Members who have these qualifications can also assist with patrol operations. This category is perfect for members who are keen to help out but do not have the ability to perform the full active requirements.


An Associate member may or may not hold any lifesaving awards. Associate members do not have affiliated club voting rights unless they are elected to an office or club position.